Briana Jamieson
Forest Dance
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Bathe, Forest Dance | 2021 | Briana Jamieson 

Oil on board, framed in beech.

'Bathe' is a series of paintings created by Briana Jamieson for KAUKAU. 

Braina writes:

A series of oil paintings inspired by bathing in and being near two bodies of water this summer: Lyall Bay / Hue te Para and a creek in Mangamahu. Feeling the essence of myself in these spaces. Feeling the calm-cool-light-bright-blue / grounded-silky-murky-yellow-green kind of joy. The colours are drawn from the bodies of water. The large bell-shaped flowers, called Canterbury bells, grow in my garden by the sea. I can hear the sound of waves from the garden. 

Made in Pōneke, Wellington.