Penny Sage
Peterman Shirt ~ Chestnut Stripe
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Wide neck cotton shirt with dolman sleeve. The fabric is a custom dyed stripe cotton. The shirt is shaped with panels at the front and darts at the back and features side splits. The front is fastened with corozo nut buttons.

100% Cotton 

Made in Tāmaki Makaurau


Penny Sage

Penny Sage is a wardrobe essential for those looking for timeless beauty, quality, and innovative subtle quirks. A fashion label and a creative community, Penny Sage collaborates with friends and artists locally to produce special pieces.

Penny Sage is the creation of Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland based designer, Kate Megaw. Penny Sage is both timeless in beauty and innovative in subtle quirks, using quality fabrics with a focus on natural fibres. Not just a fashion label, Penny Sage has cultivated a creative community, often collaborating with friends and artists to produce special pieces.

Penny Sage takes a highly considered approach to all they do, from the design process to supporting local tailors and knitting mills through their production chain. Quietly and dedicatedly the brand practices sustainable values, allowing for them to be simply imbued through the clothing and those that wear it. Penny Sage has fast become a wardrobe essential for a wide range of ages in search of clothing they feel excellent in and about.

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