Telly Tuita
For love, war, worship, for flora and fauna ~ 8
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Telly Tuita, For love, war, worship, for flora and fauna, 2019

280 x 390 mm

Synthetic polymer, oil pastel, gouache, card, found B&W photos, digital collage prints on cotton rag paper.


Divination in 8 parts

From our exhibition with Telly Tuita, 'Tongpop KA-POW' 2019

KA-POW is the cry within a battle and the noise made after victory. On the eve of James Cook's 250th anniversary of Endeavour arriving in Aotearoa, actions then echo louder today. 'Tongpop KA-POW' is a colourful battle cry for the victors and vanquished both past, present and future. 

In this series objects and images serve as a silent witness to history but also as ghosts in purgatory. It's the same story - nature, man, women, god, love pain, fear, war, sex, wealth, power and death. 

There is a romantic nostalgia of the artist at the centre of the divination of 8 parts, 'For love, war, worship, for flora and fauna.' Images of unknown and known figures gaze at the audience surrounded by Tongpop's juicy colour fields which are foregrounded and layered with geometric tessellations. 

Telly Tuita is Tongan born Wellington artist. Tuita works predominantly in paint and photography as well as through performance art. Concerned with location, connection and cultural identity, Tuita’s practice is an ongoing review of people and events which traverse time. Mythical figures feature prominently in the works alongside people from Tonga’s colonial history. Deeply personal and simultaneously reflective of the experiences of many, Tuita’sworks are gaining recognition across Australasia for their relevance, complexity and assuredness.



Telly Tuita