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Plantscape 3 ~ Shadows

Gianna Christella Hayes, Shadows, 2022


Silk hand-dyed with St John's Wort, Mugwort and Iron.

880 x 880 mm



Gianna Christella Hayes


Gianna Christella Hayes is a multidisciplinary artist currently based on unceded Darug Land in Sydney. She holds a Bachelor of Textile Design & Graphic Design from UNSW Art & Design, Sydney, 2016. Her cross disciplinary practice is manifested as a form of regenerative healing as a means to unlock ancestral traditions as sites of resilience engaging with themes within ethnobotany, ephemerality, sensory languages, and the African Diaspora. Gianna’s hand dyed works incorporate plants that are connected to her lineage and overall plant healing journey. These plantscapes are ancestral imprints, infused with healing properties, histories, traditions and ceremony.

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The Harvest

Briana Jamieson & Gianna Christella Hayes