Arnold Circus Stool ~ Yellow
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The Arnold Circus Stools are loved by many for their simple contemporary design, complimentary colours and versatility. These stools are lightweight, making them easy to stack and move around the house, sit on, place a coffee on or to take the laundry out. 

The Arnold Circus Stool was designed by Martino Gamper as part of a regeneration project, which saw the creation of social housing ‘Arnold Circus’ in Shoreditch, London. These stools are loved across the world and remain the official seating for all annual events held at Arnold Circus. 

100% recycled polyethylene plastic  

430 x 350 x 440 mm l/w/h

Made in Aotearoa, New Zealand. 

Please note that due to the rotation moulding process, occasionally subtle surface imperfections may be evident.