Briana Jamieson
Forest Dance
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Briana Jamieson, Bathe ~ Forest Dance, 2021   

530 x 610mm

Oil on board, framed in beech.

'Bathe' is a series of paintings created by Briana Jamieson for KAUKAU. 

Braina writes:

A series of oil paintings inspired by bathing in and being near two bodies of water this summer: Lyall Bay / Hue te Para and a creek in Mangamahu. Feeling the essence of myself in these spaces. Feeling the calm-cool-light-bright-blue / grounded-silky-murky-yellow-green kind of joy. The colours are drawn from the bodies of water. The large bell-shaped flowers, called Canterbury bells, grow in my garden by the sea. I can hear the sound of waves from the garden. 



Briana Jamieson

Briana Jamieson is an artist, writer, curator, and publisher based in Wellington. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) from Massey University. Jamieson splits her time between her art practice, writing poetry, organising art and poetry-related events such as co-curating poetry for Welcome to Nowhere, and her role as founding editor of Mineral Press. Jamieson describes her painting and poetry practice to be reciprocally influential on the other, moving from one to the other as they call out.
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