Clovelly Hand Towel ~ Clay
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The Clovelly hand towel features single sided sweeping ribbed arch detail, in a neutral clay coloured hue. This organic cotton towel is luxuriously soft and adds a beautiful subtle texture to your bathroom. A lovely pairing with the Cove bath towel.

100% Organic Cotton 


DIMENSIONS W 380 x L 800 mm 

Made in Portugal.



BAINA offers a curation of contemporary organic towels to celebrate the daily bathing ritual, softening into the moments that begin and end the day. The utilitarian object of the towel is elevated at every stage with Baina’s sensibilities to colour theory, materials and quality craftsmanship.

BAINA is an Antipodean brand of curated towelling founded by Bailey Meredith and Anna Fahey. Their contemporary, organic cotton towels celebrate the daily bathing ritual, softening into the moments that begin and end the day. 

Baina's modern approach to design is anchored in print and colour with a considered sensibility that nods to fine art, sculpture, architecture and colour theory. While harnessing simplicity, Baina experiments with texture to create shape, elevating an everyday object to upend the neutrality of the bathroom.

Committed to creating timeless collections, Baina takes a mindful approach to craftsmanship and materiality. Baina towels are designed with intent and permanence in mind, produced with respect and consideration to the environment. Made in Portugal, Baina works with GOTS certified organic cotton and produces with one of Europe’s most established mills to develop their considered offering.

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