Briana Jamieson
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Briana Jamieson, Winter Glow ~ Jonquils, 2021

610 x 460mm
Oil on board, framed in Tasmanian oak 

Winter Glow is a series of oil paintings with accompanying poems, which dwell on glowing moments found in the depths of winter: fresh, sweet scented bulbs; crisp days with low sun and hazy skies; candlelit tables; plants growing on soft, sandy beaches; wide open fields bathed in light.


at 6am you walk along the quiet road / birds chirp as the first glow appears in the sky / when the sun sets, a haze settles over the valley / tissue paper skies / thin curve of moon resting in the pale twilight

in the gardens you sit on a steep hill in the long grass / winter trees reach to the sun / cascading with glowing new growth / lime-green buds and leaves / a scattering of warm light / a soft breeze / fresh air



Briana Jamieson

Briana Jamieson is an artist, writer, curator, and publisher based in Wellington. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) from Massey University. Jamieson splits her time between her art practice, writing poetry, organising art and poetry-related events such as co-curating poetry for Welcome to Nowhere, and her role as founding editor of Mineral Press. Jamieson describes her painting and poetry practice to be reciprocally influential on the other, moving from one to the other as they call out.
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