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Leitī Cloud #1

Sione Monū, Leitī Cloud #1, 2022


Synthetic flowers, glitter card, fibre board, plastic and metallic beads

380 x 280mm 


The Leitī Clouds are a part of an ongoing series of brightly adorned cloud forms and masks.


* Please note that works will be shipped after the show has closed May 15





Sione Monū

Sione Monū is an artist of the Tongan diaspora. They live between Canberra Australia and Auckland who works across the mediums of photography, moving-image, fashion and adornment, performance and drawing exploring identity, family and pasifika queer experience in the diaspora.

Recent exhibitions include: SCAPE Festival Public Art Season 2021; Spheres: An Online Video Project, 2020; Christchurch Art Gallery, Kahoa Kakala, Fresh Gallery Otara and Objectspace, 2017; Statuesque Anarchy, Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington, 2017; Pouliuli, Westspace, Melbourne, 2017; Making Space, Centre of Contemporary Art Toi Moroki, Christchurch, 2017; GG Talk That Talk, Fresh Gallery Ōtara, 2016.

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