~ KAUKAU is pleased to present a series of new ceramic works from Olivia Asher ~

M Rua Vase
{ "images": [{ "alt": "M Rua Vase", "aspect_ratio": "0.7492836676217765", "attached_to_variant": false, "height": 1396, "variants": [], "width": 1046, "src": "//www.kaukau.co.nz/cdn/shop/files/ScreenShot2023-08-03at10.25.34AM_51bdeff9-640d-4597-b9c6-132b4a90bc44.png?v=1691017878" }] }

Made in a Rangihoua blended clay from ngāti paoa whenua, especially for KAUKAU. Each form is hand thrown and unique. Finished with a glossy interior glaze. Perfect for blooms or left as is. 

DIMENSIONS W 150 x H 180mm

Made in Waiheke Island