Pearl Eyes Ring ~ Silver, Enamel, Pearls
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A bold and vibrant piece, a glossy red enamel covers Welfe's signature eroded texture which holds two large Keshi pearls. Part of Welfe Boywer's collection exhibited at his solo show 'I'm So Tired, But I Love You' (2019), experimenting with new forms based on his first year experience as a father. 

9ct Solid White Gold | Bronze | Enamel | Keshi Pearls 

SIZE: This is an erregular fit, we have estimated it is around 5 1/2. 

Made in Melbourne, Australia. 

Please note that unfortunately this ring cannot be resized. 




Welfe Bowyer is a jewellery designer creating artworks to adorn the body with. Welfe’s pieces create a landscape of their own, exploring form and structure through mixed solid metals, textures, and precious gemstones.

Welfe Bowyer is a jewellery designer creating artworks to adorn the body with. His contemporary pieces combine the essence of old eroded heirlooms through new experimental forms. Using precious gemstones, solid metals and textures, Welfe's jewellery binds these elements for an emphasis on form and structure.

Born in Glaneiwe, Wales and raised in rural New Zealand, Welfe graduated from the Victoria School of Architecture in Wellington in 2005 before moving to Melbourne where he resided for 10 years. Bowyer is now based in Mahurangi East Aotearoa. An award-winning student (Dulux Architecture design award 2004), he simultaneously began experimenting with jewellery design while working in Architecture in Melbourne. This allowed him the perfect medium with which to conceptualise, experiment and create on a scale different to that of architecture - Welfe has always had an interest in three-dimensional forms regardless of scale.

Each piece of jewellery is designed, created and finished by Welfe in his Mahurangi East studio in Northland. All metals and gemstones are ethically sourced, with all diamonds certified fair trade ‘Origin Australia’ diamonds.

KAUKAU offers a range from Welfe’s core collection and facilitates custom pieces. Please be in touch if you would like to enquire about this process.

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