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Rain Dream

Briana Jamieson, Rain Dream, 2022


Oil on Board, framed in Dyed Tasmanian Oak

430 x 330 mm 


In misty rain I run my fingers through dew caught on the ends of green fennel,
edging the path below the walnut tree.

Pine trees grow up from the valley below the road, their branches reaching level with the footpath. New pinecones form along the branches; the hard green cones smooth under my fingers and wet with rain.


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Briana Jamieson




Briana Jamieson is a painter and writer based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington. She holds a BFA(Hons) from Massey University and runs a publishing project called Mineral. Jamieson describes her painting and poetry practice to be reciprocally influential on the other, moving from one to the other as they call out.


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