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Wahine, Wahine, Wahine

Maia McDonald, Wahine, wahine, wahine 

BRT buff Raku clay

400 x 100 mm

Currently showing in He Pāoro Perea a joint exhibition between Heidi Brickell and Maia McDonald




Maia McDonald

Maia Robin McDonald (Ngaati Mutunga, Urenui Marae; Te Ati Awa, Parihaka) is a cross-disciplinary artist, writer and curator, living and working in Taranaki. She works primarily with clay. Her most recent role was Indigenous Curator at the Koorie Heritage Trust in Melbourne.

She completed her BFA in Photo Media (with honours) at Massey University, Wellington and in 2017 was awarded a Diploma in Maaori Art and Design, having studied under Maaori master uku artist, Wi Taepa. While completing her studies in Porirua, she initiated and was responsible for running the Wellington Clay collective.

Recent exhibitions include group exhibition ‘Bedrock’, The Physics Room, Christchurch, Hauhake - Caravannex, Objectspace, Auckland, Wairua, Two Waters, Laree Payne Gallery, Hamilton, From Here on Out, The Engine Room in association with Massey University, Wellington. Solo exhibitions include Whakanoa, Precinct 35, Wellington, ‘Uku Mahi, Clay, Naughty, Clay’, Parrotdog Gallery, Wellington. Her work has been acquired by Peter McCleavey Gallery, and is held in public and private collections including Wellington Museum, Puke Ariki Museum, Wellington City Art Collection and more recently the Wallace Arts Trust.

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