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Ciaran Banks & Christian Dimick

KAUKAU presents new works by Ciaran Banks & Christian Dimick

Ciaran Banks is an artist based in Pōneke Wellington with a practice centred on questioning and manipulating materials. Banks explores the wider borders of painting and sculpture with a knowledge of industrial & joinery processes. With an increasing consciousness of the environmental impacts of art and design, Banks has been exploring sustainability through the use of reclaimed wood. It's the interplay between these values that inform his decisions around furniture and art.

Christian Dimick is an artist based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington, primarily working in the field of painting, drawing and writing to explore ideas of memory, intimacy and relationality. After completing a BFA(Hons) at Massey University in 2021, Dimick’s works arise in series, with each work expressing a pictorial dialogue that is transmitted onto the next. The layering of gestural marks build over time, then are wiped away and reapplied in a process based approach, using painting as a means of uncovering.