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Mise en place Billie Culy

KAUKAU is pleased to present Mise en place, a body of new work by Billie Culy presented in association with Wellington On a Plate.

'Mise en place’ is a culinary French phrase that translates to ‘putting in place’. Emphasising the importance of order, it relates specifically to the arranging of tools and ingredients that are needed for the purpose of cooking more efficiently.

Mise en place by Billie Culy is a series of three washing line works captured at Haumoana. Here seascapes are intertwined with Culy’s trademark domestic found objects, a series of linen tablecloths with intricate hand stitched detailing on a washing line. Culy’s emotional attachment to the expansive eastern coastline laid bare evoking familiar notions of nostalgia and escapism. 

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