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The Sun Is My Hat. The Earth Is My Shoes Christian Dimick & Ford's Factory

KAUKAU presents 'The Sun Is My Hat. The Earth Is My Shoes', a joint exhibition between Christian Dimick & Ford’s Factory (Joshua Taylor).

‘The Sun Is My Hat. The Earth Is My Shoes’ aims to explore how personal meaning is produced and absorbed by artworks and individuals, fictional or non fictional. Both Taylor & Dimick use energetic, labour intensive processes that generate visually coarse, withered yet loved material. The two bodies of work connect within this show through their shared interest in the relationship between creativity and seclusion, compulsive collecting and the assignment of ‘figures’ to individual works.

The title speaks to the idea throughout time that humans have blurred the lines between inanimate and animate objects, with a tendency to anthropomorphise their possessions as a way to maintain a relationship with someone or something. “As artists we naturally build relationships with our creations, we build worlds around them and meld them into the theatres of our lives, they no longer become objects we have made but extensions of ourselves”.

The characters referenced in the titles throughout the show are extensions of the artists’ as individuals. It’s hard to say where these characters are from, though they have arrived through a process of making. Maybe they are from an unimaginable non-space, maybe the wind carried them here inside its belly.