415 AD Clay Relic Candle
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415AD ~ Hypatia's surroundings 


Tomato leaves, Rosemary, Grapefruit, Iranian Galbanum, Somalian Olibanum, Agarwood, Myrrha, Vetiver, Siam Benzoin


Hypatia, the female Philisopher, Astronomer and Mathemetician. All ingrediens in this green and resinous fragrance were available on March 8th 415AD, the day Hypatia met her death.

Inspired by the ancient Egyptian works of the new Kingdom period, Curio Clay Relics are a range of individually handcrafted carriers of parfum and candles, exclusively made for Curionoir by Kirsten Dryburgh. Each vessel is made from clay from the South Island, then specifically glazed and fired multiple times to create a unique finish.

580 g / 20.6 oz ~ burn time of 65+ hours 

Made in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland

Due to the organic nature in which all clay relics are made, there will be variations in each shape and colour.