Cellar Feels Parfum ~ 4ml / 50ml
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CELLAR FEELS ~ Fruits and dust in the cellar 


Apple, Black Tea Leaves, Orange, Lavendin Super, Nutmeg, Virginian Cedarwood, Tree Moss & Atlas Cedarwood


Holding memory
Cradling memory
Making for memory
Tenderness of another
Capturing the ephemerality of a scent as a vessel to remember
To honour
Singong exceltations: Hallelujah!
Blured memory
A collection of memories
A story one to another

Extrait de parfum is rich, dense and long lasting on the skin. All fragrances are applied directly to the skin, bringing an experience back to an age we have forgotten. 

Formulated in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland & made in Grasse France