Diaphanous Parfum ~ 4ml / 50ml
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DIAPHANOUS ~ Bewildering clarity 


Mandarin, Saffron, Sambac Jasmine, Narcissus Absolute, Cayenne pepper and Amber


The clear freshness of mind with the grounding calm of wisdom 

Extrait de parfum is rich, dense and long lasting on the skin. All fragrances are applied directly to the skin, bringing an experience back to an age we have forgotten. 

Formulated in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland & made in Grasse France




Curionoir creates fragrances from extrait de parfum and rare obiet d’art that evoke memories in a world of sensory intangibles. Through the design of applying the parfum direct to the skin, their essence blends to the wearer to create an utterly unique experience. 

Curionoir creates fragrances and rare obiet d’art that evoke memories in a world of sensory intangibles. Based in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand, founder Tiffany Witehira creates fragrances from the highest quality and ethically sourced ingredients. The perfumes are designed to bind to the skin, their essence blending with wearer’s to create an utterly unique experience: a story entirely their own. The parfums and candles are housed in taonga: these are rare treasures not lightly made, or quickly. These are artefacts like an heirloom made to be used, cared for then passed on.

Curionoir is built on deeply rooted traditions and memories of relatives; weaving flax, carving bone and wood, mixing tinctures of native herds. Tiffany Witehira draws on her own past to respond to the rich, varied history of perfumery. In these scents, you will find a celebration of fine craft, the uncommon, and days of old. Experiencing them, you may share in her wonder at the beauty of biology.

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