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Mazha Stool ~ Tan & Powder Pink
{ "images": [{ "alt": "Mazha Stool ~ Tan & Powder Pink", "aspect_ratio": "0.6666666666666666", "attached_to_variant": false, "height": 1500, "variants": [], "width": 1000, "src": "//www.kaukau.co.nz/cdn/shop/files/05_1000x_89e17a7b-0e4d-4248-888c-87369e015012.webp?v=1713907976" },{ "alt": "Mazha Stool ~ Tan & Powder Pink", "aspect_ratio": "0.6672226855713094", "attached_to_variant": false, "height": 1199, "variants": [], "width": 800, "src": "//www.kaukau.co.nz/cdn/shop/files/05_800x_cede4d54-a8a7-4191-b405-569a501af745.webp?v=1713907976" },{ "alt": "Mazha Stool ~ Tan & Powder Pink", "aspect_ratio": "0.6666666666666666", "attached_to_variant": false, "height": 1500, "variants": [], "width": 1000, "src": "//www.kaukau.co.nz/cdn/shop/files/IMG_7995_1000x_6d3ecfc6-4f7a-481c-aa39-f38d92cb13a3.webp?v=1713907976" }] }

Designed and crafted by AMASS Studio and TANCHEN Studio, the MAZHA Stool is an ode to the traditional 马扎 (mǎ zhá) stool. Inspired by scenes of the elderly gathering along the streets in Shanghai, the MAZHA Stool is designed to capture the communal spirit of afternoon tea in the city. Its compact and portable build makes it convenient to set down wherever it suits. Made out of a foldable aluminium frame with a seatpad handwoven from nylon ribbon and rope, the MAZHA Stool utilises everyday, common materials to create a modern reinterpretation of this adaptable and enduring Chinese social practice.   

SIZE:   30 CM × 35 CM × 35 CM