March and Gait / Marche et Démarche Jungeun Lee

KAUKAU presents March and Gait (Marche et Démarche), a solo exhibition by Jungeun Lee.

March and Gait is a collection of weaving works installed to resemble a path. Constructed from linen and wood, Lee’s ‘Matinée’ works are a continuation from her first Matinée series in 2020, the shape derived from a traditional Korean form of rush weaving. Lee’s ‘Marche’ works extends further, incorporating both linen and wood with delicately woven acrylic beads, its form inspired by Piupiu. Both time and space are intertwined with the circular and repetitive forms seen within Marche et Démarche, serving as a reflection of Lee’s own path of self-reflection and personal identity.
The shape of the “Matinée” is borrowed from a traditional Korean rush weaving box. It is a cylindrical storage that is woven up in regular patterns with natural dyed rush.