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Riccardo Scott



Born in Italy, Riccardo Scott was immersed in a rich cultural heritage that shaped his early artistic sensibilities. After completing his Visual Communication Design Degree at Massey University in 2012, Scott went on to work in interior design in Italy before coming back to New Zealand. His journey led him to the serene landscapes of the Coromandel. Where the natural beauty and tranquility of the environment provided new inspiration and direction for his work. 

In just over two years, Riccardo has seamlessly become part of the pottery team at Driving Creek Railway, a renowned locale rich in both history and artistic prowess. A remarkable aspect of Scott's work is his deep connection to the environment and his ability to explore the intricate dance between traditional and innovative ceramics. 

Riccardo makes a deliberate choice to harvest from his surroundings by utilising the raw materials that envelop his studio for clay and glazes. Creating beautifully coarse clay mixes that look as though they will come to life, and vibrant textures from wood firings.