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Sasha Mariana


Sasha Mariana is an artist from Aotearoa, New Zealand, currently based in Europe. Her practice concentrates on an intimate and meditative process, experimenting predominantly with charcoal and timber. Immersing herself in drawing and sculpture, Sasha explores texture and the emphasis of form and balance in all facets of her work.

Her large figurative drawings investigate themes of intimacy and identity and tend to convey a profoundly introspective relationship with herself. She opts to work with raw canvas, carefully working charcoal into the fibres and producing tapestry-like works of art that hang exposed.

Her sculptural works with wood explore sustainability, functionality, and a fluid tactility inspired by her environment. Her woodworking celebrates an affinity with an unforgiving material that requires a more thoughtful and slower approach. Sasha's work as a whole is representative of a meticulous and devoted form of expression.