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Scattered Seeds by Welfe Bowyer

KAUKAU presents Scattered Seeds an exhibition of new work by Welfe Bowyer.

‘Scattered Seeds’ is a presentation of new work by jeweller Bowyer, currently based in the Mahurangi East, returning from a ten year stint in Melbourne.

This body of work combines cast elements with found objects and materials, directly influenced by a stark change of environment. New materials are introduced by Bowyer, hand-sawn wood and sailing rope as new daily routines offered inspiration that informed this new collection.

New ideas are also explored by Bowyer around data collection, and the application of specifications on the jewellery itself, revealing both an internal thought process of the jeweller and the intention in which certain proportions are used.

Continuing also ideas from his last exhibition at Craft Contemporary, Victoria, October 2021, Bowyer looks back through his own process cycles and begins to analyse and deconstruct them through the lens of influences such as Adhocism and the Mono-Ha movement, with a focus on sustainability and how practice like his might look to reassess their impact on the environment.


Scattered Seeds - Install at KAUKAU
Welfe Bowyer, Untitled Pendant (lego), 2021

Scattered Seeds - Install at KAUKAU

Scattered Seeds - Install at KAUKAU

I like to create textures with bronze, silver and gold and combine them with found objects, creating a language that manipulates time and memory.
- Welfe Bowyer
Welfe Bowyer, Untitled Ring (sprues), 2021
Scattered Seeds - Install at KAUKAU