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Matariki Fetu'u Sione Monū

Tirohia atu nei nga whetu,
Me ko Matariki e arau ana;
He hōmai tau i nga mahara
E kohi nei, whakarerea atu
Nā te roimata ka hua riringi
Taheke ware kai aku kamo

I gaze up at the stars,
And the Pleaides are gathered together;
Which gives rise to many thoughts
The well up within, and freely
Do the tears pour forth
And flow shamelessly from mine eyes.

- Mihi-ki-te-kapua, Tūhoe 
Rangi Matamua, Matariki The Star Of The Year, 2017

Māori have long observed the rising of Matariki in the month of Pipiri (June) as a celebration of the New Year, while remembering those who have passed. The rising of the nine stars and the relative magnitude of each also bring forth their own predictions. The distinction and size of the star Hiwa-i-te-rangi for example, is connected to the promise of a prosperous season, and the star to which Māori would send their dreams and desires to for the year to come.

As a nation of Aotearoa, it is incredibly important to recognise and acknowledge this time to celebrate and preserve Matariki. We look forward to doing so with our first public holiday this Friday 24 June.

To mark this celebration, KAUKAU will present the nine stars of Matariki by Sione Monū, Matariki Fetu'u. Each star, identified as Matariki and her 8 children contain their own defined purpose to foster a deeper connection and wānanga around the importance of Matariki. We encourage you all to research and deepen your own understanding of Matariki and what it can mean for you. 

Matariki ki tua o ngā whetu

Matariki of endless possibilities