~ KAUKAU is pleased to present a series of new ceramic works from Olivia Asher ~

Citrus & Poppy Seed
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A deeply cleansing and calming soap for hard-working hands. Classic and all-purpose, with gentle antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities, this bar removes odours and restores moisture. Ideal for cooks, artists and gardeners.

A fresh, clean blend of layered citrus, grounded with warm undertones of wood and balsam:


Lemon Myrtle
Sweet Orange


Litsea Cubeba


Himalayan Cedarwood

Brazilian yellow clay gently draws impurities from the skin, while poppy seeds offer natural, non-abrasive exfoliation.
Coconut milk and sweet almond oil enrich, leaving skin soft, supple and beautifully clean.

Weight ~ e130g/4.5oz

Keep well drained 

Made in Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington