~ KAUKAU is pleased to present a series of new ceramic works from Olivia Asher ~

Lucca number two
{ "images": [{ "alt": "Lucca number two", "aspect_ratio": "0.8003201280512204", "attached_to_variant": false, "height": 2499, "variants": [], "width": 2000, "src": "//www.kaukau.co.nz/cdn/shop/products/LaurenGudex9_PhotoCheskaBrown.jpg?v=1645482895" }] }

Lauren Gudex, Lucca number two, 2021


Gouache, acrylic on bamboo paper, framed

Framed 305 x 400m

Works are currently unframed, please allow three works after purchase for framing


*AFTERPAY & LAYBUY transactions will acquire a 4% fee invoiced after purchasing