~ KAUKAU is pleased to present a series of new ceramic works from Olivia Asher ~

Roman Pool Towel ~ Paloma Sun & Ecru
{ "images": [{ "alt": "Roman Pool Towel ~ Paloma Sun & Ecru", "aspect_ratio": "0.6666666666666666", "attached_to_variant": false, "height": 1800, "variants": [], "width": 1200, "src": "//www.kaukau.co.nz/cdn/shop/products/BAINA_RomanPoolTowel_Paloma_Sun___Ecru_1200x_crop_center_a71156a3-48bd-4b55-ba3c-ae5b0bf5dd5f.jpg?v=1666424202" },{ "alt": "Roman Pool Towel ~ Paloma Sun & Ecru", "aspect_ratio": "0.6597938144329897", "attached_to_variant": false, "height": 1358, "variants": [], "width": 896, "src": "//www.kaukau.co.nz/cdn/shop/products/ScreenShot2022-10-22at8.35.15PM.png?v=1666424202" }] }

The Roman pool towel or bath sheet features a checkerboard print, synonymous with the Baina brand. The bright paloma sun red against the ecru fawn creates a vibrant reversible colourway. This organic cotton towel is the perfect generous size for long days by the water’s edge.


100% Organic Cotton 


DIMENSIONS W 900 x L 1700 mm

Made in Portugal