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Ursula Vase Large ~ Natural
{ "images": [{ "alt": "Ursula Vase Large ~ Natural", "aspect_ratio": "0.75", "attached_to_variant": false, "height": 2048, "variants": [], "width": 1536, "src": "//www.kaukau.co.nz/cdn/shop/files/P1140095.jpg?v=1684806802" },{ "alt": "Ursula Vase Large ~ Natural", "aspect_ratio": "0.7509765625", "attached_to_variant": false, "height": 2048, "variants": [], "width": 1538, "src": "//www.kaukau.co.nz/cdn/shop/files/P1140165_472cc2b7-ed46-4c47-9d8d-091e3b03904a.jpg?v=1684806820" }] }

Inspired by Ursula K. Le Guin, an elegant and curvaceous vase made from a textural grog clay which creates a stunning visual tactility. Margi’s vase forms are bold and simple, emphasising weight and stillness allowing the material to speak and embody the maker’s touch.

The scale and weight of this vase gives it a sculptural quality to be appreciated as is, or enjoy it with a big bunch of fresh blooms.  

DIMENSIONS W 120 x H 420mm 

Made in Kirikiriroa, Hamilton

Please note that due to the handmade nature each piece varies slightly in form and size, and dimensions are approximate. For further details or to purchase a specific piece please contact us.